How to Choose the Finest Colleges and Universities in Calgary

Irrespective of whether you’re a high school senior or one who wants to become a specialist or get re-trained, it’s time well spent to look at what you wish your life to be a several years from now. If you determine that going to a college in Calgary is good then go ahead and move forward, but before joining a specific school, be sure to perform a little research.

When you are picking out an institution, higher priced does not always mean greater, and your school investigation in Calgary should not rely upon the cost alone. In reality, you might get the wrong instruction and be trained for a profession that will lead you to a work wasteland. In the same way, picking the most affordable institution might not be best for you, therefore it is essential that you opt for the correct one given it will effect who you become, the quality of your life and just how you’ll experience career advancements later on.

There are a few decent schools in Calgary, several popular and some less well-known, ready to be found. You may start out by acquiring guidelines as well as other reference materials at the nearby library. In addition, it is effective to talk to people who have been educated at the school that you intend on exploring, or simply consult the school’s registration experts who’ll unquestionably assist and should be keen to have you signed up as a student. A number of people even research varied schools on the web to find relevant opinions. Other would-be pupils could eventually desire to check out the institution to get an idea of what it is actually like.

On the whole, select sensibly and enroll in an institution that seeks for substance and quality.

1. University of Calgary

2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

(403) 220-3466

I was recently working a project where I had to visit all three major campuses in Calgary back to back. I’m talkin Mount Royal College, U Of C and SAIT. It took me an entire afternoon, but I went from one to the other exploring every inch of each campus.

My conclusion: The University Of Calgary is BY FAR the most amazing campus in Calgary. Compared to MRC and SAIT, it’s leaps and bounds better. The campus space is bigger, prettier and better laid out. The University of Calgary has a state of the art gym facility (most Olympians train here when they’re in town) and Mac Hall has recently been renovated and has an incredibly impressive food court. The business school program at U of C is known around the world and you can partake in some of the coolest extra-curricular opportunities here (Ie. The Dalai Lama just visited the campus this week to hold a conference with U of C students).

Now let’s talk about education value. Let’s just say I had a couple of the best teachers I have EVER had here at the U of C. I got my undergrad degree here, and thanks to it, I’ve been able to move around from Calgary, to Toronto, to Chicago and then some.

I would recommend the U of C to anyone who is looking to further themselves professionally, personally, socially and mentally.

The University Of Calgary is where it’s at. Take my word for it.

- Sapna G.

Calgary, AB

2. Mount Royal University

4825 Royal Gate Mount SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6K6

(403) 440-5100

I have attended three different colleges over the course of my post-secondary career. Mount Royal takes the cake!

I have been at Mount Royal for all four years of my degree program and am wholly satisfied with class sizes (most classes are capped at 35 students), professor involvement and care, and general focus on education. Since becoming a university last year, it is clear that Mount Royal plans to continue with a student-learning focus as opposed to the classic research focus, which means a “win” for students.

I’m a proud Mount Royal almost-grad!

- Sam F.

Calgary, AB

3. Athabasca University

1040 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3G9

(800) 788-9041

Athabasca gets the job done when it comes to getting your degree within an accredited correspondence university.

Prepare yourself for A LOT of reading, and A LOT of essays. I would like to say that tutors are different. Some are diligent nit-picky markers, while some aren’t. Some are great sources of advice and information, while some aren’t. Prices are very fair in comparison to other post-secondary institutions and are actually a little bit better considering course texts are already provided, saving you the trouble of purchasing them. Once in a while you are required to write tests on their downtown office location who have day and night schedules.

- Angelo T.

Calgary, AB

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